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Clan Guidelines

1. Racism, Sexism and disrespect towards others and superiors is not allowed and those who do said things shall be punished severely. They will be sent to talk to one of the council members who will decide their punishment.
2. Clan members must be respectful towards other within the clan and other clans. However, retaliation is allowed, but please don't give DarkGamers a bad reputation.
3. Members are expected to post in the New Members forum. If this is not done they will be moved to Inactive status and eventually kicked from the clan.
4. Clan members that are not on the website and Xbox for longer than two weeks will be moved to Inactive status as well.

In order to join DarkGamers you must have the following requirements ( members are given the recruiting procedure after the Rank of Gunnery Sergeant(E-7))
1. Must be older than the age of 11.
2. Must have a computer and be able to sign in to the website.
3.They must be on Xbox more than 5 days a week.
4.They must have good communication skills in online multiplayer.
5.They must be a respectful and respected player.
6.Also they have to read and agree to the code of conduct(above).

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